domingo, 31 de enero de 2016


When we wake up we are certainly two conscious or unconscious ways, if we wake up often aware of the evil day brings a sordid picture of what may come during the day.

If woke unconscious we will be sure that evil even to this day this will not affect us because we will automatically immersed in a sleepy lethargy where you must dodge Darts day.

This means that we must castrate consciousness ?, This means we cauterized consciousness ?, NO this means that we must be smart, we know that every day can overwhelm us, but we also know that we have a word of happiness that we have a word that says we are Priests and King.

If this is true we take and impose such royalty, take appropriate times and give meaning to love and courage; not because the sheep is helpless you can say that its nature is to die in cruel hands; we can transcend the magic of the will, which is an ingredient of change.

If we are heirs we are able to say, now my day is going to be better, and even when the day ends in failure there is greater happiness knowing that we must do to make the next day better; no failure but learning, but there is no fall education, but we learn from our history but we will certainly lose the most precious thing is our will and open us castrated in our consciousness.

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