miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014


Soon breathe and aroma violated my instincts, I did not leave time to say no but deep down I did not say no, because when they made ​​me live to go gave me the endearing empathy wanting to know as the aroma generated so large and ineffable heart quickly brings me to joy to euphoria delivery.
The delivery to tell if a rug into the unknown moment of not knowing if left to happen if the epicenter of this movement aroma leave time to find out if empathy and open hearts let the rhythm move us together.

Together together we have a chance to cheer the soul, together we are able to not be a scent in the air, but to make sense, to induce the senses, to penetrate the life history, to generate the beats have a rate ratio, have a visible reason and even though not a certainty of a final will be given the certainty of life.

Life does give me a time to share, life giving me time to tell you that I desire, I give you my time I give you my life if you accept it, and give it as if life is a second where we integrate between two to be the same even without not join to be happy, we come together to say that our inequality is greater equality and love.

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