miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014

Stars in the Sky

Start the year and breaks my bliss, bliss that fills a jungle of my heart

Black gun night and love into wet road, rain flies my heart

You are the canvas and brush my happiness, and God the artist candle in the night of our creation.

Grows cold but warm, the heat does not cool even in the jungle smelling your scent

a scent of wild orchid, the scent of ground coffee, the same smell your scent that brings me

lagoon to cool it cool my hot eye to the creation, divine taste announcing turpial

Taste of desire, love flavor, taste you and I have delivered is greater, greater on the day for you my life

Mine is the idea that grows and grows my illusion, illusion that merges with the clock tic tac tic tac my life.

You are life and love I am if we unite in the creation is the omega is the end

I'm afraid the end faced forward but there is no end if end repeat certainly alpha

Alpha is the top, jungle witness, if you're afraid your love has created an omega is not the end.

If you wait cold 'I hope my love hot tea, I hope you fill the craving inside to our meeting

am today where you do not find that writing silly if you're in my heart I find

could enter the maze of insurance and find out, but I'd rather lose myself in your way.

Or black jungle night of love, coffee that protects the secret of our scent, cool and collected before me brings

ally cold that I owe you happy, makes me happy and I'll think again before you, in the height of the cold that I happy.

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