miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014

You are or You were

Where begins the morning if there is still no
Where to start if what we want does not exist yet
As we can dream about something that does not exist
As we suffer today if not exist.

We are told that we are rational and wonder where rationality is what does not exist.
It is the same to be unbalanced to a rational, both see, feel and work for things that do not exist.

So who can be my judge
So who can call me crazy or rational
If you believe that the future does not exist but this long.

This or that there even while I speak took her hand to go together past and present and past making sense of rationality and leaving uneven playing

I want this to be passed to have you for a thousand lips
I want this to be my future to work together and sanity in my madness
Offer you like, who dreams and works to have the joy of seeing the future and feel in the morning when desire is just the same longing to see you and kiss you hear.

Where the morning begins, where my heart starts to love after one night is spent in a morning anhelarte and I do not know where to start but I'm sure it will be tomorrow.

Now my sanity told me that if there is a future and I'm crazy to see tomorrow.

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